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The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader - 22/04/14

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help with this with this military history request. I tried the search and couldn't find it. Thank you!
Posted by truelorax

Jane Austen Acedemy Series by Cecilia Gray - 16/04/14

Does anyone have this series it sounds interesting. Thanks!
Posted by xmulifanx

The Arcadia Bell series - JENN BENNETT - 13/04/14

Does anyone have Binding the Shadows and Banishing the Dark (book 3 and 4 in the series)?

Posted by kivi

Eyrie and aslo Cloudstreet by Tim Winton - 13/04/14

Would love a copy of this please.

Posted by jazzyjuice

rosie goodwin - 11/04/14

my wife has become addicted to rosie goodwin books
can anyone help
Posted by chareos

City of Souls- Vicki Pettersson - 07/04/14

Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

The Pillers of the earth - 07/04/14

I'm looking to read The pillars of the earth by Ken Follett.
Posted by hittbarbara

The Barbershop Seven by Douglas Lindsay - 07/04/14

looking for the entire collection of the Barney Thomson series by Douglas Lindsay. any ebook format is good.

any other Douglas Lindsay books as well

Posted by bigbuddha76

punchbowl farm - 02/04/14

childrens fiction
Posted by ronone

Stalking the Beast- Howard Andrew Jones - epub - 31/03/14

Pathfinder Tales

Posted by jjjmmmttt

Love Comes Softly Series - 31/03/14

The series is by Janette Oke and they are really good from what I heard. Saw the movies and would like to read the books. Please someone submit these books for download.
Posted by Alykat

Patrick Melrose Novels - 30/03/14

Does anyone have these books?? I really want to find these!
Posted by cosmic71

Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove - 30/03/14

I would like to request either an eupb or mobi version of James Lovegrove's Age of Shiva.
Posted by shaner1979

Novels or audio books by Margaret Dickinson - 29/03/14

I am looking for any books (e-pub) or audio books by the author Margaret Dickinson. I have seen a few on here and have been trying to download them via torrent for some time now but no one seems to be sharing them anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks so much in advance! :)
Posted by enrh

The Companions: The Sundering, Book I - 26/03/14

Posted by skeletor

emma wildes collection - 22/03/14

hello i'm looking for the emma wildes collection ther's a torrent in here but there's no seed if any one have it can you repost it
Posted by neru

andrew sachs - 20/03/14

I Know Nothing: The Autobiography
Posted by taxicab

Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold - 16/03/14

I was looking for the Fly Guy series for my kids and any other kid books.
Posted by jamgee82

Last Blood - House of Comarre # 5 - 13/03/14

Format : epub

Author : Kristen Painter
Posted by jjjmmmttt

Hank Phillippi Ryan - 13/03/14

Hi there, Please if anybody has anything from this author it would be greatly appreciated

Posted by ricka1191@gmail.

Claudia Bishop - 12/03/14

Hemlock Falls Series
Posted by ricka1191@gmail.

Book of the Black Earth 1 - Blood and Iron, Epub format - 11/03/14

Jon Sprunk
Posted by jjjmmmttt

Instrumentalities of the Night 4, Working God's Mischief - 11/03/14

Glen Cook pub format
Posted by jjjmmmttt

Companions Codex 1 - Night of the Hunter- epub format - 11/03/14

R. A. Salvatore
Posted by jjjmmmttt

Aftershock by Sylvia Day (edit) - 10/03/14

I know I've already made this request but I just realised that I made a mistake in the release date whereby it's supposed to be released tomorrow (11/3) instead.. MY BAD!! but if anyone does get it in the near future, please do share it.. I've been dying to read this and it'll take another month or two for it to come to my country!! Cheers!
Posted by crystalyuki

Aftershock by Sylvia Day - 10/03/14


I know this book's brand new but if you have it, please do share it!
Posted by crystalyuki

The League # 8 - Born of Fury (Sherrilyn Kenyon) - 10/03/14

1. I'm looking for The League # 8 - Born of Fury.

2. I have a lot of paranormal romance books if anyone
is looking for something just ask and I will figure
out how to share them.
Posted by paralegal707

Bryant & May - 09/03/14

hi has any one got books 10 and 11 in the above series thanks
Posted by norgrim

the lies of locke lamora - 07/03/14

Posted by ssasipriya@yahoo

Roger MacBride Allen - 06/03/14

Allies and Aliens
The Torch of Honor (1985)
Rogue Powers (1986)
Allies and Aliens (omnibus) (1995)
The Torch of HonorRogue PowersAllies and Aliens

Hunted Earth
1. The Ring of Charon (1990)
2. Shattered Sphere (1994)
The Ring of CharonShattered Sphere

1. Isaac Asimov's Caliban (1993)
2. Isaac Asimov's Inferno (1994)
3. Isaac Asimov's Utopia (1993)
Isaac Asimov's CalibanIsaac Asimov's InfernoIsaac Asimov's Utopia

Chronicles of Solace
1. The Depths of Time (2000)
2. The Ocean of Years (2002)
3. The Shores of Tomorrow (2003)
The Depths of TimeThe Ocean of YearsThe Shores of Tomorrow

BSI: Starside
1. The Cause of Death (2006)
2. Death Sentence (2007)
3. Final Inquiries (2008)
The Cause of DeathDeath SentenceFinal Inquiries

Orphan of Creation (1988)
Farside Cannon (1988)
Supernova (1991) (with Eric Kotani)
Orphan of CreationFarside CannonSupernova

Series contributed to
Crisis of Empire (with David Drake)
3. The War Machine (1989)
The War Machine

Next Wave
4. The Modular Man (1992)
The Modular Man

Star Wars : Corellian
1. Ambush at Corellia (1995)
2. Assault at Selonia (1995)
3. Showdown at Centerpoint (1995)
Star Wars Corellian Trilogy (omnibus) (1995)
Ambush at CorelliaAssault at SeloniaShowdown at CenterpointStar Wars Corellian Trilogy

David Brin's Out of Time
3. The Game of Worlds (1999)
The Game of Worlds

Non fiction
A Quick Guide to Book-on-Demand Printing: Learn how to Print and Bind Your Own Paperback Books (1982)
Mr. Lincoln's High-Tec
Posted by DickA67

Laurann Dohner - True (New Species 11) - 04/03/14

Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

Seeds Volume One Two & Three - 28/02/14

Seeds Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three By M.M Kin

Can't Find These Anywhere, Dying To Read Them
Posted by SouthernHoney

point horror - 27/02/14

does anyone have all of the point horror books? I've got a couple but would like to have the complete list. In english
Posted by moryana

paws and whiskers - 25/02/14

paws and whiskers by jacqueline Wilson thankyou
Posted by abc2

Heavyweight by MB Mulhall - 23/02/14

I am looking for this YA ebook. Thank you!
Posted by Adam Black

Donna Grant - 23/02/14

I have looked everywhere for Donna Grant's Dark Warrior series.
I have only been able to find the last few books but not the whole series. Can anyone please help me?
Posted by fan123

EdgeOf Dawn By Lara Adrian - 23/02/14

I am looking for this book it is the last one (so far in the series with the new one being out in a few days)
Posted by fan123

Pamela Palmer/Cat Devon - 22/02/14

I'm looking for Feral Warriors series (Pamela Palmer) and Entity Series (Cat Devon). Does anyone have them?
Posted by kivi

Concealed in Death Jd Robb - 18/02/14

Hi Guys any one got this yet.

Posted by stephwil67

The Raven Saga by Suzy Turner - 17/02/14

i am looking for all the second and third book. They are December Moon and The Lost Soul
If any one has them i would really appreciate it many thanks
Posted by champers74

Return to tradd street by karen white - 16/02/14

romance, paranormal
Posted by citycleanersltd

Asian Slim Secret by Linda Yo - 16/02/14

Have you ever wondered how Asian people stay slim despite their passion for food? Readers will discover how eating habits, not genes, keep Asians slim. They will learn why eating salad won't make people lose weight but eating Asian vegetable dishes will, how to enjoy the meat and avoid the fat, why Asians eat plenty of carbs and what westerners should know about healthy high-carb foods.

Could someone please help me to find this book? I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance! :)
Posted by freya7391

Rich or Famous...Rich Because You Can Buy Fame - Joy Deja King - 15/02/14

Bitch series
Posted by mamadukes7

Still the Baddest Bitch- Joy Deja King - 15/02/14

Bitch Series
Posted by mamadukes7

devotion of suspect x - 14/02/14

fiction book
Posted by peeyar

Picking The Bones - 13/02/14

Books by Brian Hodge I can't find this book anywhere.
Posted by jericka34@yahoo.

This Sin Called Hope Anna Mayle - 12/02/14

Do someone have a book This Sin Called Hope Anna Mayle?
Posted by monika270

request for books - 07/02/14

oracles of fire , seventh world trilogy
Posted by jvjazzy

my lady vixien - 07/02/14

dnt knw itz author but have been dying to read this book for like forever.pls i need ur help,cant find dis book no where
Posted by yaful

The seducer - 07/02/14

no idea
Posted by yaful