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Katherine Kurtz - 20/07/14

Looking for Katherine Kurtz....Camber of Caldi is the beginning trilogy
Posted by chicky_pop66

Camber of Cauldi - 20/07/14

Posted by chicky_pop66

Avril Ashton - 18/07/14


Looking for a complete collection of Avril Ashton books.
Posted by bloodybones

our kind of traitor - 14/07/14

Posted by cyrano

Bella Forrest shade of vampire #7 book - 14/07/14

If anyone can please get these book good reads T.I.A

Posted by china53

Bella Forrest shade of vampire #7 book - 14/07/14

If anyone can please get these book good reads T.I.A

Posted by china53

Christopher Buecheler - 13/07/14

the two am trilogy
Posted by onlyme2004

thea harrison pia saves the day - 06/07/14

thea harrison elder races book.
Posted by read1385

the falcon's bride - 02/07/14

by dawn thompson
Posted by tkatie123

bet me - 29/06/14

novel by jennifer cruise
Posted by mirza baig

Jaden Skye Betrayal in Death - 29/06/14

If you could? I would ever so grateful. :)
Posted by Sue Welsh

The Warlords Comeuppance - 26/06/14

I am looking for the above book. I saw a mention of it here and thenit disappeared.

If not here any idea where it can be found.
Posted by Mickey95

A Better World (The Brilliance Saga) (Volume 2) - 24/06/14

Im unable to find it anywhere, perhaps someone has it in hand?

Posted by juhusoldat

Memory - 21/06/14

Lois McMaster Bujold

Posted by Kzin

lisa kumar, bound to the elvin king - 20/06/14

please upload book by lisa kumar, bound to the elvin king.
Posted by aminaj

Dead by Midnight - 19/06/14

Anyone got the above by Beverly Barton Please.
Thank you
Posted by sopcaz

The Boys From Brazil - 13/06/14

By Ira Levin
Posted by calum65

Amanda Sun - Ink - 10/06/14

Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

Didnt get an answer - 02/06/14

Didnt get an answer
Posted by dganit

Books by Isabel Dare - 31/05/14

Taken by the Minotaur (Taken by the Minotaur #1)
Slave to the Beast (Taken by the Minotaur #2)
Taken by The Minotaur: Mated to the Beast (Taken by the Minotaur, #3)
Taken by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #1)
Owned by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #2)
Used by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #3)
Taken by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #1)
Used by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #2)
Kept by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #3)
Wolf Scent (Mountain Wolves #1)
Wolf Howl (Mountain Wolves #2)
Wolf Pack (Mountain Wolves #3)
Claimed by the Vikings
Shared by the Vikings
Bound by the Vikings
Stealing Ganymede
Caught by Scylla
Party Favor
Backstage Pass

Does anyone have one of those books?
Posted by xmulifanx

Two horror books - 30/05/14

Bird Box
by Josh Malerman

The Three
by Sarah Lotz
Posted by urectumfranklin

Air Bound By Christine Feehan - 29/05/14

Its the first book in the Sisters of the Heart series. Can not find it anywhere.
Posted by fan123

Kitty Steals the Show - Carrie Vaughn - 25/05/14

Does anyone have this book? Read all the previous books in the series(Kitty Norville).

Thanks in advance.
Posted by kivi

The Watched Trilogy by Cindy M. Hogan - 24/05/14

Hi there

I would like to request these books please. The only one I have been able to find is the first one.

1- Watched
2- Protected

Thank you in advance
Posted by whisperssoftly

Crave the Darkness- Amanda Bonilla - 22/05/14

Does anyone have this book?

Thank you.
Posted by kivi

Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden - 20/05/14

I would like the entire Shadow Saga if it's out there but just the first one would be great too.
Posted by onexero110

Joseph Delaney Alice - 19/05/14

Could you get this titlee, please? Read all the previous titles in the series of the Wardstone Chronicles, thank you, Dganit
Posted by dganit

Give me more - 17/05/14

Spring meets Bo Durden in las Vegas
Posted by buttercup7

Blood Rock - 11/05/14

Urban fantasy, second book in the SkinDancer series by Anthony Francis, would also like book three, Liquid Fire.
Thanks in advance
Posted by colins31

Oz books - 11/05/14

I would like to request the books:
Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage
Dorothy of Oz

Either epub, mobi or pdf formats are preferable.
Posted by shaner1979

day of sacrifice omnibus - 08/05/14

Hi I been looking for this book for ever
If any body has it please share thanks

Posted by jud1th

Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer - 05/05/14

Looking for James Silke's series based on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings.
Posted by jpallant

Fifth Sacred Thing - 02/05/14

By Starhawk
Posted by bbybigwoody

Burning Dawn by Gena Showalter - 29/04/14

Any formats. Thank you! :)
Posted by freya7391

Christy Barritt-Squeaky clean mystery series - 28/04/14

I have the first one but would like the rest any format please.

2--Suspicious Minds
2.5--It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (a novella)
3--Organized Grime
4--Dirty Deeds
5--The Scum of All Fears
6--To Love, Honor, and Perish
7--Mucky Streak
Posted by mrsjones74728

The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader - 22/04/14

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help with this with this military history request. I tried the search and couldn't find it. Thank you!
Posted by truelorax

Jane Austen Acedemy Series by Cecilia Gray - 16/04/14

Does anyone have this series it sounds interesting. Thanks!
Posted by xmulifanx

The Arcadia Bell series - JENN BENNETT - 13/04/14

Does anyone have Binding the Shadows and Banishing the Dark (book 3 and 4 in the series)?

Posted by kivi

Eyrie and aslo Cloudstreet by Tim Winton - 13/04/14

Would love a copy of this please.

Posted by jazzyjuice

rosie goodwin - 11/04/14

my wife has become addicted to rosie goodwin books
can anyone help
Posted by chareos

City of Souls- Vicki Pettersson - 07/04/14

Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

The Pillers of the earth - 07/04/14

I'm looking to read The pillars of the earth by Ken Follett.
Posted by hittbarbara

The Barbershop Seven by Douglas Lindsay - 07/04/14

looking for the entire collection of the Barney Thomson series by Douglas Lindsay. any ebook format is good.

any other Douglas Lindsay books as well

Posted by bigbuddha76

punchbowl farm - 02/04/14

childrens fiction
Posted by ronone

Stalking the Beast- Howard Andrew Jones - epub - 31/03/14

Pathfinder Tales

Posted by jjjmmmttt

Love Comes Softly Series - 31/03/14

The series is by Janette Oke and they are really good from what I heard. Saw the movies and would like to read the books. Please someone submit these books for download.
Posted by Alykat

Patrick Melrose Novels - 30/03/14

Does anyone have these books?? I really want to find these!
Posted by cosmic71

Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove - 30/03/14

I would like to request either an eupb or mobi version of James Lovegrove's Age of Shiva.
Posted by shaner1979

Novels or audio books by Margaret Dickinson - 29/03/14

I am looking for any books (e-pub) or audio books by the author Margaret Dickinson. I have seen a few on here and have been trying to download them via torrent for some time now but no one seems to be sharing them anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks so much in advance! :)
Posted by enrh

The Companions: The Sundering, Book I - 26/03/14

Posted by skeletor