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Lucienne Diver/Latter-Day Olympians - 10/10/14

Does anyone have Latter-Day Olympians series?
1.Bad Blood
2.Crazy in the Blood
3.Rise of the Blood

Posted by kivi

House of Stairs by William Sleator - 05/10/14

Guys I've been searching for it everywhere. Can't find it
Posted by SeySer

new John Ringo - 30/09/14

can someone put up
Islands of Rage and Hope by John Ringo
Posted by ndjanes

The Celestial Blues series by Vicki Pettersson - 28/09/14

I'm looking for book #2 The Lost and #3 The Given.
Can't find these anywhere!

Posted by lizah1234

The Intruders - 27/09/14

by Stephen Coonts in epub
Posted by L E

author - John Lescroart - 27/09/14

Posted by L E

Books by Ruthie Knox - 22/09/14

I would love any of the books by Ruthie Knox.
Posted by Receptdo

anything - 12/09/14

can someone please recommend a good vampire/werewolf/witch book have read all ones i can find even teen fiction

thank you
Posted by champers74

Mistake - 12/09/14

6 - Killer Frost


Posted by Bajangurl

Mythos Academy by Stephanie Estep - 12/09/14

Looking for;
0.5 - First Frost
4.5 - Spartan Frost
5 - Midnight Frost
6 - Killing Frost
Posted by Bajangurl

Jane Yellowrock Series by Faith Hunter - 11/09/14

Does anyone have Blood Trade from this series? It's book 6.

Posted by Bajangurl

The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison - 10/09/14

Rachel Morgan - last Hollows book.
Posted by illusional

Hunting Angels Series by Conrad Jones - 10/09/14

Books include:- Nine Angels
An Angel Falls
Hunting Angels
Where Angels Fear The Dark
A Child for The Devil
Black Angel

Many Thanks
Posted by merseybeatle

Michael McGarrity - 10/09/14

Posted by joralemon

Lisa Gardner - 03/09/14

FBI Profiler Series (Quincy):

The Perfect Husband,
The Third Victim,
The Next Accident,
The Killing Hour,
Say Goodybye
Posted by kaylabugz

Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep - 02/09/14

Book 4 of the Mythos Academy Series

Thank you
Posted by Toranion

wife for a day by Patti Berg - 01/09/14

Posted by cporcellijr

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters - 31/08/14

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters
Posted by Jackiegjj

Salt Redux: Sequel to Salt Bride by Lucinda Brant - 20/08/14

romance novel
Posted by sissy3463

a necessary end - 17/08/14

inspector banks
Posted by marsheric

Argeneau Vampires - 15/08/14

One lucky Vampire
Vampire most wanted

I would really love it if someone has them thank you so much

Posted by champers74

Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett. - 10/08/14


I'm looking for "Uncivilized" by Sawyer Bennett.
Please help!

Thank you!

Posted by MoonBaby

who p p plugged roger rabbit by gary wolf - 06/08/14

Sequel to who censored roger rabbit.
Posted by ceiteach

The Ripple Effect - J.A. Saare - 03/08/14

The Ripple Effect(Rhiannon’s Law, Book 3).
Im unable to find it anywhere.Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

Maze runner trilogy pdf - 28/07/14

Please! I really want to read it!
Posted by artetherealaya

Eartbound by Aprilynne Pike - 28/07/14

Epub or mobi, not advance reader copy
Posted by misterbleistift

Looking good dead - 27/07/14

Posted by Christinephipps

Hello - 25/07/14

Do you think you would be able to find

The Tower Broken by Mazarkis Williams?

Thank you!
Posted by LK78

Katherine Kurtz - 20/07/14

Looking for Katherine Kurtz....Camber of Caldi is the beginning trilogy
Posted by chicky_pop66

Camber of Cauldi - 20/07/14

Posted by chicky_pop66

Avril Ashton - 18/07/14


Looking for a complete collection of Avril Ashton books.
Posted by bloodybones

our kind of traitor - 14/07/14

Posted by cyrano

Bella Forrest shade of vampire #7 book - 14/07/14

If anyone can please get these book good reads T.I.A

Posted by china53

Bella Forrest shade of vampire #7 book - 14/07/14

If anyone can please get these book good reads T.I.A

Posted by china53

Christopher Buecheler - 13/07/14

the two am trilogy
Posted by onlyme2004

thea harrison pia saves the day - 06/07/14

thea harrison elder races book.
Posted by read1385

the falcon's bride - 02/07/14

by dawn thompson
Posted by tkatie123

bet me - 29/06/14

novel by jennifer cruise
Posted by mirza baig

Jaden Skye Betrayal in Death - 29/06/14

If you could? I would ever so grateful. :)
Posted by Sue Welsh

The Warlords Comeuppance - 26/06/14

I am looking for the above book. I saw a mention of it here and thenit disappeared.

If not here any idea where it can be found.
Posted by Mickey95

A Better World (The Brilliance Saga) (Volume 2) - 24/06/14

Im unable to find it anywhere, perhaps someone has it in hand?

Posted by juhusoldat

Memory - 21/06/14

Lois McMaster Bujold

Posted by Kzin

lisa kumar, bound to the elvin king - 20/06/14

please upload book by lisa kumar, bound to the elvin king.
Posted by aminaj

Dead by Midnight - 19/06/14

Anyone got the above by Beverly Barton Please.
Thank you
Posted by sopcaz

The Boys From Brazil - 13/06/14

By Ira Levin
Posted by calum65

Amanda Sun - Ink - 10/06/14

Does anyone have this book?

Posted by kivi

Didnt get an answer - 02/06/14

Didnt get an answer
Posted by dganit

Books by Isabel Dare - 31/05/14

Taken by the Minotaur (Taken by the Minotaur #1)
Slave to the Beast (Taken by the Minotaur #2)
Taken by The Minotaur: Mated to the Beast (Taken by the Minotaur, #3)
Taken by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #1)
Owned by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #2)
Used by the Vikings (Viking Sex Slave #3)
Taken by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #1)
Used by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #2)
Kept by the Centaurs (Taken by the Centaurs #3)
Wolf Scent (Mountain Wolves #1)
Wolf Howl (Mountain Wolves #2)
Wolf Pack (Mountain Wolves #3)
Claimed by the Vikings
Shared by the Vikings
Bound by the Vikings
Stealing Ganymede
Caught by Scylla
Party Favor
Backstage Pass

Does anyone have one of those books?
Posted by xmulifanx

Two horror books - 30/05/14

Bird Box
by Josh Malerman

The Three
by Sarah Lotz
Posted by urectumfranklin

Air Bound By Christine Feehan - 29/05/14

Its the first book in the Sisters of the Heart series. Can not find it anywhere.
Posted by fan123